307. the common conception, composite, collected

ryan onstott
1 min readMar 6, 2022


the common conception, composite, collected
of sources diverse, from all the cod-men who’d
ever been seen this side of the sea
is cod-men are good, and quite good to eat

cod-men won’t say if approached at the gates
of buckingham palace or wellington’s place
that served fried in fat (potatoes with — ask),
a cod-men is better than lamprey or salmon

they tend to keep calm on the subject of slaw,
and won’t interrupt if you’re talking compots —
while they’re quite wise at how fluffy and light
a cod-men will soufflé, the worry — declines

cod-men once had a range and life-span
that covered the glove, a thousand years lasted —
if you let out they’re good in the mouth
cod-men will suddenly (in) shortages (be) found

cod-men released their pool (from they breed in),
is flushed the atlantic into the gulf stream where
cod-men will mingle with cod-other-things, like
cod-african-elephants or cod-mingle-meet

cod (IF YOU CATCH THEM) are good enough snacking,
but cod-men are supple (more) smooth on the palate,
and though you’ll get through a supper or two
on cod-combinations you won’t really BLOOM