306. the poops at the top of the poop common roster

ryan onstott
2 min readFeb 27, 2022


the poops at the top of the poop common roster
the dangers of fat-bergs discussed in their cloister
where poops holy lean on the tall lean flat bean
that told them the time and of stories of jesus

when they appeared (fat-bergs) the fear was
too many poops would panic and clear off,
hie for the hills where sewers are built
to standards that simply don’t safety up-fill

priests (they’re not really) statistics released
from lawyers intending with interests grease —
fat-bergs are fine, they’ll dissolve over time,
but shower you cities with sea-gulls and slime

a fat-berg (they said) is a bull, brownish bed,
a full happy fun zone for families, fresh,
rotton, or juice, but with bot-flies or puke —
a fat-berg will better your town city school

fat-bergs are fast, they’re massive, they’re crap,
macdonaldland french fries dissolved until black,
a sticky mud goo, there are discoveries to
find in a fat-berg, if melted (reduced)

a fat-berg for walks in the long yorkshire locks,
a fat-berg for fashion to the theatre/opera,
a fat-berg for momma who’s been dying to spot one
cause FAT-BERG THE APP pays you points if you’ve got one

the priests couldn’t prove that fat-bergs were rude,
disgusting, and clogging the streets up with poop,
because they’d been paid by lawyers who claim
that fat-bergs are cities for children for safe

without proper cleaning fat-bergs released from
high himalayas made out for the sea where
floating they’d find every atoll or island,
and drown it in waste that was wafted (the tides on)

the priests realized (through logic — not eyes)
where one fat-berg manageable (is) maybe not five —
six hundred slogging to the high priest’s top bog
convinced him a new tack to take on the problem