306. mosely and musa were sporting fried news, the

ryan onstott
2 min readFeb 23, 2022


mosely and musa were sporting fried news, the
creeps at the kennel were ready to rule them
top level A most DANGEROUS draining —
the fastest poop shooters in all of LA

the days are long past if plumbing of last
of twenty six occupations you’d have —
at twenty three beats lamb-skinner and greaser
and keeping the lottery balls ordered on easles

A NEW RENAISSANCE through the world of the log
(i’m going to use every word for it, STOP ME!) —
no longer trudge through sewers with mud (and),
needles, rags, centipedes, dead rats, ex-thumbs

the new sewer shooters are friendly, refuse to
give you their hand, it’s likely been gooped with
fluid unclean, your body had been —
but he’ll smile and he’ll show you our very own sink

the new sewer works has volleyball, surfing,
basketball, badminton, NOT ALL OF IT’S WORKING,
chess if you like between your shifts standing
in three feet of shit — IT’S FUNNY AND CAMP

but mosley and musa, the top two get to were
not average fellahs who work in the sewer,
took what was bad (awful, piles of it, crap)
and REVOLUTIONIZED how you help it to pass

a poop sewer particle in sewer regs. article
5 section 12. defined thusly: no larger than
six feet around, no smaller when found
than a penny or a piece of a bottle discounted

poop sewer parts are poop as they start
their long winter journey through pipes on the chart,
but no-one had asked from the romans to NASA
what does a poop feel on going to grass

the standard response of a poop sewage wonk
is poops are inanimate objects of bog,
if left out to stain your precious wood grain
would never no cry (wouldn’t feel never pain)