305. harther had studied in countries unnumbered
various map-bearing animals other
(dogs, mice, and moose — they’re all too intrusive, and
often are captured by spies for the news

ryan onstott
2 min readFeb 18, 2022

wombats alone have square padded toes,
tan if you need to attach special holders,
wombats are mum if you ask them to grunt,
spell, write, or speak the directions to london

while they can’t fly a plane, IN THEIR MIND,
on a dog, on a tractor, with grapes, with a tie —
if you strap them too tightly, quickly relax, and
wait for the light to turn red on dispatch

a wombat is best in the outback, in bed,
but no-one in war-time won’t take what you get —
wombats were willing for fortune, for filming,
for keeping the hun from the streets of s. philly

to set up and squat in a cold metal box,
and wait for the moment bombs all let drop —
because they cant read the lights that are blinking,
they drop all their bombs in the channel between them

wombat successes in war efforts less (were)
zebras (than), gazelles, and african elephants —
they couldn’t storm trenches for a very low center,
and couldn’t contribute to nuclear testing

but huknall had plans for a wombat advance
on german positions in normandy (france) —
with wombats in place on the beaches with apes,

HUCKNALL’S FIRST LAW of warfare was mocked
by animal experts and generals top, it
says if you use for purposes stupid
animals (and humans) don’t let them do shooting

keep them away in cages from danger,
and keep them locked out of explosive arrangements,
wombats might be of all animals least
likely to blow up a bomber, but PLEASE!