305. harther had come to conclusions, to sums that

ryan onstott
2 min readFeb 22, 2022


harther had come to conclusions, to sums that
wombats aren’t born natural flyers, but dumb,
and don’t hare reflexes, they can’t work with levers,
and don’t know what’s up, down, or PARACHUTE LEFT is

they’re squat (too) for seats, eucalyptus (they) eat
which is poison and flammable close-quarters heaped,
they don’t move that fast, they haven’t no hands,
and they don’t know from hitler or stalin or sam

the world where they live, in wombat, there is
no wars, no adventure, no combustible kids,
there’s joy, peace, and frolicking, kangaroos calling to
kangaroos wide open outback baseballing to

wombats the wild in are bringing the HI to your
neighborhood shopping experience, so why don’t you
come down for a dose of wombat to crown
queen elizabeth two a lager and lounge

with wombats the fresh smelling whelks in your bed
will rise in the morning calling robin eyes red,
with purpose and paws (not prehensile) you’ll walk
on lima bird lanes through the throats of a frog

but, HERE IS THE ISSUE, wombats contribute
much to the system of mammal like sitting
(for example, they — ), laying the sun out, complaining,
talking to lizards about the new rain

they work on the lines, in the pits, on the wine
and never a stranger’s defenseless dog bite —
they might bite a shrew, or an owl, or a newt,
but they won’t ever eat all the fancy fruit chews

a wombat will whist (whatever that is)
a wombat will wollup (but not with a stick)
a wombat will weed with a mouth full of peas
the statue of liberty karaoke complete

but what it won’t is a tool to use tip
the balance of power of a land battle with
six billion tonnes of TNT dumped
on industrial centers of the nazi republic