281. pam isn’t dumb (a doctor becoming, is)

pam isn’t dumb (a doctor becoming, is)
applied polyp studies (in), parasites, fungus,
has traded her peace for insider teaching
the ways of the polyp (her body’s on breeding)

for five hours a day under magazines lays,
thinking of schedules, and vet bills, and hay,
and who’s going to clean the inclosure for sheep,
and what’s with the trends in modern zoo-keeping

the polyps for rest give her time to digest
data collected in micro, dissect it,
large fruiting bodies (to) maturity model
metamorphosis future (a week in) will fall off

meanwhile, the fate of the world is at stake,
at least if you go by leafblower’s complaint
to the institute blooming lichen mushrooming
paris rome london helsinki for fruiting

larchment leafblower the polyps had hoped would
pam be a positive, at least would compose her
research in veg that’s dangerous (less)
than hellbore and prickly pear cactus, instead

the polyps confusing, the side effects human
hot-spells, catatonia, rage had induced (been),
while she’d directed (been) magazines left with
likely a candidate brain damage headed for

polyps mutating, pam was now faced with
a much longer living while they incubated —
the slough-off post-poned as the polyps were growing
to sizes (SO FAR) yet to science unknown

the polyps were large (six inches) discharging
sticky white fluid, her brain wiring hard with
unnatural thoughts of apes, giraffes, otters,
and how they could housed (be) in large cardboard boxes

worse, they were whispering brain (her with) tips into
what would a world look like zoos discontinuing —
what about working a wheeze up to burn them,
and claim the insurance for polyp reversing

not a rabbut...