281. pam had been pregnant with polyps infected

pam had been pregnant with polyps infected —
larry the brute had to hurry to get her
before they released to the wind, to the seas,
to the great polyp pond in the winnowing wheat

as long as she’d trapped (been) magazined damp (with)
brain signals stirring, head filled with crap, she
couldn’t the brute with a shovel or shoe,
couldn’t protect (herself) HIT MAN BIG ZOO (from)

polyps, though, break from PM six-eight,
and pam with a brain that was clear could debate
the problems, the worries, the DANGER BEFORE HER,
and chose to preemptively polyps (abort them)

a tough time, her life, her research, her mind
was mostly just polyp threads telling her DIE,
for if you the thought of polyps discharging,
they suddenly switch from zoos to FULL STOP

the life-cycle needs polyps fresh breeding,
but if there’s a threat cut off hands and feet from
the host that’s corrupt (been) pam was now flooded
with dark feelings forcing her life end abruptly

would, but for fate had the polyps inflate at
that very moment, fall off of her face, and
finally free she could suddenly see
THAT ZOOS AREN’T THE ANSWER for anything (really)

a zoo, if it’s fine for animal spying,
as a model for large scale economic designing
is just not expected, is hasn’t the well of
untapped potential you need to develop

larry the brute was last seen subsumed in
a large mass of polyps his body as food (for),
a last gasp, a dying, a frenzied off-lining,
BIG ZOO collapsed on leafblower’s crime

not a rabbut...