281. mostly, he gassed, there’s pottery, pam

mostly, he gassed, there’s pottery, pam,
a whole lot of mud in wheel arches, flats,
twelve angry dogs on the street, in a fog,
a MUCH ADO flyer for free tickets (modern)

the mess in this room isn’t conducive to
(said larchment leafblower to larry the brute)
a free-flowing fat discussion of tactics
how to get pam from the bedroom to class

pam isn’t big, or nailed down, or that simple,
moves alright generally, functional, fit (is),
but sometimes on moons that are full (or half-used)
she’ll lay in a pile covered magazines zoo

ZOO KEEPER’S WORLD is the choice to up-curl (in),
NO-ONE KNOWS WHY, and pam hasn’t heard (of)
mark leeds (chicago municipal lock-up
stray chimps and kangaroos, seals and sea otters)

she doesn’t know chambers (minor or major)
who’ve held down the fort in the zoo in LA, she
never her head (with) marsha milk-devil
who manages snakes in the zoo in poughkempsie

she doesn’t know zoos from a hole in her shoe,
she doesn’t care how all the animals food (get),
she couldn’t, if pressed, in her college course tests
tell the differences apes from opossums or fred

but, when in the mood (the harvest full moon)
she’ll cart out the shop from her closet and brood —
larchment leafblower, her half-brother, copes with
calling in muscle to coax her (cajole her)

larry the brute couldn’t tell you (he’s stupid)
the time of day, month even, one plus one two (if),
but give him a lug (to) from magazines under
drag to the nearest detox center, loves it

pam, though, has fashioned her room (in) contraptions
to keep people coming in killing her camping —
a wire (taped with) trap that releases an ax,
and larry the brute nearly head hadn’t had

not a rabbut...