265. the dispute became heated, alex j. ealing

the dispute became heated, alex j. ealing
was not going to push over principles eating
for a suit with a stack of pure-boiled confab, a
LIAR, this mark christian levy was bad

it’s true that the basics of cannibals takes a
good while to step with, they don’t have an *A* with
good, bad, this business of people committing
unspeakable acts pretty hard to dismiss (is)

but HEAR ME OUT (say, i’m not here to lay blame,
but completely the side of: PEOPLE, NO WAY)
that all of this time there’s been spiders behind a
clean up to excess of species requirements

secret (not) simple, people are filling
the world with more people at rates that are silly —
WE SOLEMNLY STAND for reduction of man(kind),
and also for not wasting calories fatty

a person the bush in is one more than stood there
bizarrely believing he shouldn’t be food, if
one out of two only people are used
shortages — wheat, barley, pork belly — boom (would)

economics (this ealing just won’t stop revealing
the tricks and the trade-offs of human flesh eating)
has taught since the days of old adam smith
demand and supply equilibrium pigs (is)

your y axis shows demand for the bones,
x axis (time) is the length (meters) motors,
the third axis (e) is the number of people
that haven’t been (yet) used industrially

smith adam (sr.), this fellow, was teaching
a new way to look distribution of feet (at),
r (that’s the pigs), if adjusted for fish,
m (that’s the meat prices) rise with the rich

all boats are l, that’s axis in belts,
there’s axis j, juice, there’s axis, p, pelts,
and if they all cross on a line that is dotted
next year a boom year in humans (the crop is)

not a rabbut...