258. a pair, they were probably + side to cop with a

a pair, they were probably + side to cop a
murderer mixed or a penguin, the public,
whatever you throw (at) conway and co.
they’ll run away first (but eventually cope)

francis ford potts had been busting to slosh
a person, a peacock, a half side of ox,
and had found on the floor a wrench and a cord —
the better it’s done if it’s done in the morning

mustache was close, he pounced with the rope,
and wrapped him up tight, proceeded to choke him —
conway collapsed from a mild heart attack,
and lay in a heap while mustache was dragged

a corner complete (to) murder police (who)
francis ford potts was nearly released (from),
murphy AT LAST from the soap had his man —
FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA (it isn’t exact)

he ran out to share with the constables, where
(weren’t, they) hall for examining stairs,
pushed up to peek in the attic and greeted
a constable clutching his heart and a heap

mustache was mostly (not totally) choked, he’d
managed to crawl to the doorway exposed, what
nowhere was found, potts had aground, had
slipped out the back while the officers counted

THREE they found THANKS nobody’s been aced,
but all things are not what they seem on the face,
for mustache had not got an eye on the blob
that strangled and shoved him (his head) in a box

murphy was white with the news he’d devined,
but FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA wasn’t, the times,
an alibi had for the three hours just past,
and three thousand miles away (in LA) was banded

once in two years you’ve got to a clear
idea (get) sizes (pop.) directors (and deer),
so people who study top film fuds discussed it,
and decided a system for tracking be trusted

not a rabbut...