256. take in account, all of these, how

take in account, all of these, how
(the dangers, the dead, the consequence mounting)
did MARVELOUS MOLE rhode island (the whole of)
persuade to (completely) let life savings hold

give, to release, they signed on a lease,
in exchange for a visit they’d give up their freedom,
and when sixty-five of the people inside
found themselves mauled or poisoned by spiders

the mayor declared an emergency, where
fun is to have, contracts are varied —
while it’s OK (alright) for twelve (maybe five)
entertainment (to) lose, for fifty’s not right

the small print had said if rhode island’s left with
twenty percent of its people not dead
FINE given what’s been promised is not
nobody dead (the cost is quite small)

MARVELOUS MOLE for his part (for the show)
IS NOT REALLY A MOLE said the layers for rhode,
the contract was breached when he hadn’t beneath
dug long earthen tunnels, and worms hadn’t eaten

the question is WHY? had rhode island signed
their land, and their homes, and all of their lives
for the chance to be teased by tigers or stinged by
a long list of insects at last was revealed when

rhode island one (the people are judged
by how far, how close to the rhode island mother)
revealed to a stunned (to the audience) what
makes a rhode island not connecticutt

a rhode island breathes, is born to a species
NOT TOO FAR REMOVED (not exactly, though, either)
THE ORIGINAL MOLE what came to these shores
(pronounce it like *show* or the rhyme doesn’t go)

in days bygone past, in the long empty cavern
of emptiless time, way back, in the vast (in)
history these mid-atlantic states heaved in
a million (four hundred) ago (years) a beast

not a rabbut...