253. the once holy temple gnats had for hell to

ryan onstott
2 min readDec 1, 2020


the once holy temple gnats had for hell to,
the once what were monks were heartless compelled by
forces unknown (the DEVIL, but ghosts,
even for insects are fantasy, mostly)

whatever position you take on the scriptures
we’ll (everyone, all) agree that an insect
possess(ed) by evil is one nasty creature,
probably (wide enough) berth let it leave, the

times then were simple (in twelve hundred fifty),
but getting the word out was difficult, stick these
more or less mad mostly insects (some annelid)
a world (into) ruled by pharaohs and fats (is)

NO TELLING THE DAMAGE, the pope hadn’t planned this,
and when he got notice insects had ravaged
alexandria, carthage, syria, started
a whole new crusade to insects (for) martyr

from all over europe gathered were birds,
small mammals, and reptiles, insectivores, herds
of sheep (for the cover), elephants (none of),
dinosaurs (don’t, even), coal tar pits, rubber

THE CRUSADE TO KILL BUGS (the sixth one, discovered
only recently, records in, lost in the rubble)
of all the crusades was least holy in name,
in actions, and deeds, and it didn’t have saints

whatever you’ll say POPE PIOUS (THE EIGHT —
the two PIOUS middles had died in earthquakes),
infallible, wise, HE CAN’T NOT BE RIGHT,
was not going to some mistakes muddle in twice

no special gold llamas, no dominican frogs,
no orders of egrets, hippopotamus, otters,
they’ll have to for love of the christ child construct it,
and make it to persia where insects are mudding

the insects had eaten the nile into egypt,
the whole thing of palestine (libya leaved it),
the ottoman turks reduced to, had murdered,
just constantinople (in) impregnable churches