253. a small band of saintly starving remained in

ryan onstott
2 min readDec 2, 2020


a small band of saintly starving remained in
stuffing the relics in socks before sailing —
a friar name(d) gopher, three dozen goats
the twelfth cross of jesus and two of his bones (took)

crosses, you catch them wherever you can,
and if one to market YOU DON’T QUESTIONS ASK —
this cross on the word of a dead myna bird
had definitely, ABSOLUTELY been burnt

insects are not all that beefed about crosses,
but being they’re evil they’ll pull out the stops,
and if there’s a church with a splinter of birch
that COULD HAVE BEEN, bleach it, scatter it, curse it

gopher had gotten before they had dropped him,
sailed it to cyprus where waiting opossums
in underground vaults with the treasure of solomon
(twenty-five beads and a bust of an alderman)

a quick latin mass for crusaders had gassed,
released (had) the pigeons (but all just came back),
hounds into boats, the bosphorus up-rowed,
but couldn’t for capsizing insects offload (to)

wave after wave of animals failed
to make any inroads with insects invading,
for while it is true that THE POPE CAN’T MAKE BLOOMERS,
he forgot in menageries insectivores using

shrews, you say, dot them towers upon the,
bats can be helpful with masses of moths, if
anteaters, swallows, pangolins (balled up)
aren’t available DDT drop on

the pope is all-seeing but getting defeated
cause insects all year round KEEP FUCKING BREEDING,
and bundled up were the remains of the herds
of sheep they had sent (to) hoping to worm them

a re-think required (was), insects were climbing
the hellespont making with greece to align with,
a path onto purchase, europe to burn, if
no-one will stop them (it won’t be the germans)



ryan onstott