252. nature is wonder, for while this was running

nature is wonder, for while this was running
mackerel (months had been) staging a comeback,
all above board, see, with deep sea fish breeding,
clean honest living, and plenty of pizzas

PLANKTON (that’s dumb), had been planning to plug
the yearly to birth (of their) bay into, but
boston blockaded sea bass the way (with)
fires on the island they used for their radar

a signpost, a gate, they’d millions (for ages)
the island that freezone and packs had (and baseball)
turned into fighting, a raging fish riot —
instead on the beach outside boston lied up

bostons are good, kind, simple, proud folk,
but dumb (just a little), and haven’t control (got) —
fish riots false (on account of the stalls)
are not what the bostons about are (at bottom)

by miracle made the mackerel they’d
been longing for twelve (maybe) months (maybe days),
suddenly stopped on their knees thanking god:

the philippines, too, who’d bostons been rude to,
and bombed half the city, forgiveness were moved to —
after all when you rate all the teams around baseball
the manilla beef dogs were the bottom of table

the mackerel might not the bay have defiled
with spawning stuff mess, a beach on they died,
with one last release (this is making me queasy)
the next gen of mackerel the sand into squeezed

to this day they come once a year to this run,
nets (through) that parks mackerel (a new company)
small stretch (to) sand that boston expands (from)
raise the next roe of mackerel (atlantic)

not a rabbut...