252. moreover (they spelled in legal briefs, twelve of)

ryan onstott
2 min readNov 25, 2020


moreover (they spelled in legal briefs, twelve of),
the epithet *mackerel murderer* felt
a little too mean, for packs hadn’t cleaned
the mackerel minor (like mackerel king)

the boston post figures (with) charts and descriptions
the various species of mackerel minted —
in five years that packs had fished it they had
a 600 % (of) yearly collapse

the judge had no choice but to side with their point,
the people (the bostons) were witness, devoid
of mackerel, lost, sickly and scrawny —
meanwhile the philippines was out in the harbor

IT’S NO WAY TO WIN, the judge had his fill,
and nobody wants (he’d stopped shouting) the bombs
if you’ve not got a mackerel inside of your body

the court fees were charged, freezone, packs, park
were forced to wear placards *murderer*, farm
with mackerel saved in glass bottles (caged)
a new generation of mackerel (save them)

first, though, the problem of philippines/boston,
the waterfront leveled by constant fish bombing,
which, IF YOU CAN STOCK THEM with gunpowder, shot in
sea bass explosive, effectively drop will

granted, FOR FISH, humane (not, it is),
i don’t recommend it if bombing’s your business,
it’s wasteful, unclean, the sea bass is breathing,
and isn’t that (going to be) happy with feeding

pellets and paste, this gunpowder’s great
on its own sort of shelf, in its own time and place,
and that place is never in sea bass distended
flung on a city in mackerel measured

write (if you’d like — i’d encourage it, try)
to the philippines embassy, philippines, nine,
for god, FOR THE CHILDREN, for sea bass, for filling
cilantro and chives on open fires grilling