247. get one thing clear: tubes are revered

get one thing clear: tubes are revered
in afghanistan, china, nepal, engineered,
less costly, more strong, less waste in them lost,
and if you desire you can fill them with water

or dates, monkeys, chews (raspberry), juice,
with things that are generally cones (not so) useful,
push them through wires, build houses inside them,
stuff them with shortbread, trees by the line (with)

the argument, then, for the rubber tube men
should have been simply logic, but never
a flat person brain (is), they’ve got no intake (it),
the mechanism isn’t inside of their faces

a quick sketch of flat, as people, a clan
that four million years ago out of the sand,
the mud (rose), replaced (evolution) a race
of small flimsy blobs, as static (that stayed)

blobs if you ask them their problem, the matter
with being a blob, they’ll tell you IT’S RATS,
but really (that’s wrong) the reason is blobs
food couldn’t find in a world that is squashed

flat spread out-stretched on rocks that lay level
soak in the STUFF (minerals, i’m guessing) —
blobs only touch with 10 percent of,
flat a full fifty (the other half’s dumb)

so flat people find in a world un-inclining
food filtering (osmosis, inside them)
the energy saved over blob being makes them
better (on average), but sacrifice brain (does)

blobs have to scratch and search in a land
only 10 percent of their bodies is tapping —
the upshot is this: when the blobs were dismissed
the world got quite stupid (the flat people dim)

it’s not here or there, for millions of years
flat people fine (were), simple, impaired, but
happy dissolving rocks till along came
cones and their myriad dimensional problems

not a rabbut...