245. chromarty camel, congested, was standing

chromarty camel, congested, was standing
in a long field of wheat, his hay-fever hadn’t
for practice, for purchase, for two dozen squirts of
patent, relief from, cough for a cure from

chromarty can’t FOR ALL THAT DAMN GRASS
the way to the (see) a town that would have
a chemist with skills for an actual pill,
a lozenge, a plaster, a capsule, a milk

packed up, he’d been in the trunk of a steamer,
sent from azores, the healthy jet stream is
good for his pores, his lungs, for his chords —
vocal, for chromarty sung in a chorus

the reason, unknown, the hoofers who’d roped him
the long ocean voyage some hints had exposed, if
chromarty wasn’t there present to hum the
first bars of *swanee* the whole show was sunk

*swanee, i’ve got ya* is all new and stocked with
the film of the cream of the talent, the top of,
who’d islands exiled to the numbers get right —
it opens in london (at the regency) friday

chromarty comes in the first act and does
a quick dance routine then this *swanee* thing hums,
then, BAM, all the girls from the rafters in pearls
fall flat on a trampoline, end act I, curtain

the thing wasn’t finished, there should be some business
in front with the lover’s first meeting, a kiss, and
at least two full numbers with orchestra strumming,
but ajax p. piehole was late with them running

the chorus complained, the dances delayed,
they whole thing was starting a bust into break —
azores is hot, if hay-fever not for,
the lead had depression, the love interest spots

chromarty camel a bit part had had, it’s
the only thing written, they had it down pat,
and when he went missing from *swanee, i’m sitting*
(ajax p. piehole the titles was busy)



not a rabbut...

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