240. streak, snippet, soldier (the three frogs of old)

ryan onstott
2 min readJul 30, 2020


streak, snippet, soldier (the three frogs of old —
the original apocalypse) feelings have, though
you think that they don’t (i mean, cleveland they coked),
on the process of pressing from raw clowns a soul

it’s messy and might at a tribunal of rights
for apocalypse workers be considered (be defined as)
torture excessive, the limits as set in

you’ve got to go back a few hundred damnings,
when plagues had no rights and frogs were contracted
to fall from the sky without nets into lice
infested rat comfort inns, hatless, and eyes (with)

protection was mostly if you can hold
your fingers (or feet?), conditions were cold, and
damp, and the flu was spreading, the use of
polythene gloves, prophets refused them

apocalypse workers were dropping like dirt, and
the apocalypse next isn’t likely to purchase
enough all-new frogs, clowns, butter, bodies —
something to be done (had) to keep them, adopted

a tight set of rules for apocalypse (human)
to keep the frogs fresh, the universe doom with
healthy and happy workers intact that
you couldn’t (by law) them squeeze for divans

the frogs were protected in THE APOCALYPSE LESSON,
but clowns are in grey, and if you can press them
the jury was three, universally these
rules to all plagues (EVEN CLOWNS), against, even

four — all the prophets too drunk to up-prop were
struck from the judgement (sixteen, so, a lot),
and technically if you see one to squeeze it,
for ANY PURPOSE WHATEVER, is (*technically*) legal

lawsuits are pending the clowns to defend, for
though they are lifeless, inanimate, dead, they
seem quite expressive, and sometimes they’ll tell you
they’ve got thoughts and dreams (but, still, go ahead with)