239. sam “shifty” herman, *écrivain menteur* to

sam “shifty” herman, *écrivain menteur* to
stage, screen, and simon, king olive first
created a myth of olive on built
jason with fleeces (although they were kilts)

olive then seeded antiquits, medievals
with nothing but victories, slaves, and a fleet of
ten thousand ships that america missed,
but a direct route to china (made) mostly of fibs

when king olive (simon) at long last had died of
a wasting disease (and murder by riot) —
for while it’s a place it’s wonderful (ain’t),
i mean there’s a reason the scrapbag was placed in

*écrivain* two took some twenty-two books
the story to tell of simon’s renewal,
of towers, the palace, of water (it hasn’t),
of flowering peaches, of beaches, the ballast

the waterfront won’t if you maps on it show,
but *écrivain* two conjured a port on the rhone,
and warships were sent to poland (invented),
and twice brought the emperor back for the rent

these fellows were found on the street, underground
where olives unjustly imprison allowed (were) —
besides on the surface all olive is worthless,
it’s hot and unhealthy for humans to work in

*écrivan* three killed *écrivain* two filling
the post for the fault of an *emperor* spilling —
drunk at night don’t know poland from bones,
he’d just been expected to put on a show

the thirty-six volumes of lives of the olives
*écrivain menteur* to the king (third) exotic
(were), fruit fresh, natives, gorillas escape(d),
the bridge on the river kwai had been plag(ed)

all sorts of fun, hot dogs, and guns,
mobsters in missionary costumes, a rubber
chicken, a guy with three hats, a device
that blows up, and a bogart, bronze statues, bryan

not a rabbut...