238. NO GOAT FROGS WERE HARMED, free foraging farmed (were)

ryan onstott
2 min readJul 5, 2020


NO GOAT-FROGS WERE HARMED, free foraging farmed (were)
out in the day in hamlets and gardens
where lay (they would) waiting for rake-alligators,
something that happens (almost) never, you take these

together they won’t, rakes have no bones,
no skin, or a central nervous, composed of
leftover branches and spikes they’ve got standing,
but not what you’d call internal reactions

goat-frogs for all their amazing goat qualities
don’t have a brain that can formulate, falling to
the first bad idea that a goat-frog completed —
rake-alligators decided to feed on

at night they’d return to a nest that’d been burnt,
and below in the stars (at) vanity curse,
but next day at dawn would return to the farm
(or wherever it is) and wait and would want

hoof had for potts and the neighboring common
the nests of four thousand (destroyed the) goat-frogs,
but didn’t for working goat-frogs disturb, cause
they’d simply in trees sleep or out on the curb

A NEW METHOD NEEDED, by now, though, between them
lobsters had locked a supply of extremely
tiny test tubes to their DNA spool,
and had spun out their first solid goat clone solution

meat had been losing in recent, reduced, a
number of people, of businessmen, boozers,
who’d told, say, their wives they’d gone out for a pint,
and never return (cause there’s lobsters inside them)

the lobsters would hollow for better goat balls in,
to keep them fresh, warm, sticky, the polyps
pig excess shedding goat all that’s left would
lobsters the room to (another) to test the

alas, for the few that’d survived all this fruiting,
some were still-born, deformed, or as mooses,
WHICH NOBODY WANTS, not in canada, stop
sending us mooses, they’re big and just awful