236. they tell you this in school series killers

they tell you this in school series killers,
don’t change their methods (unless it’s a slip up) —
alligate orin had always done pork bits,
bleach, and some other solutions for floors (with)

his method (they say, these folks in think tanks,
killers in series who track down and trace)
was formed in the womb, as a child, or at school,
in a gang, or in carparks, or watching (from) movies

discovered by chance, constructed with candles,
whittled, or woofed by a jogger in passing —
the point is this thing (the pork and the bleach)
was formed when he crossed with a killer named steve

steve snatched-in-belts (it’s because i can’t spell
steve stachvelli), a killer known well in
the streets or the fields of campo where people
ON THE WHOLE seem to die from killers in series

campo is called the home of the hob,
is also the district on ALL THE EARTH hottest
for cause of death classed as murdered in mass —
but not all at once, in a line over spans

of greater or number of months, years, or summers,
however you lump them, they land in, erupt for
probably reasons of soil quality, but
nobody knows why they happen so frequent

campo collects (as the saying there says)
serial murders others (like) pets do,
in one span of weeks in september six-three
they’d forty-four working indepentantaly

george johnson saxx (the night stalker, axe)
is not the same person as george johnson bass
who’d named been for heating his murder (the people)
is a slow vat of oil before he would eat them

george johnson beal, george johnson neil,
george johnson albert george frank billy “wheels”
would wrangle a sap on a plank he had fashioned
from stretchers and slowly with murder their back



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