234. the gauchos were gone, but before they got far

ryan onstott
2 min readMay 9, 2020


the gauchos were gone, but before they got far
cannibals crouching with cans of hands hardened —
for BEEF STEW the business with most of the tins had
months past their date, they’d started to stiffen

the chemicals these with plastics is treated,
and too long in heat they tend to congeal (with) —
imagine the mood when the cannibals food with
gauchos whose brains beheading drives to (them)

put it this way: the bloody, the place was,
if half-a-man didn’t the battle out make, it’s
because someone missed when throwing a tin,
and then he was killed by a jaguar bit, the

gauchos deserved it, the cannibals murdered
most of their mothers, good riddance, reserve your
pity for food, for bot flies (the blue)
settled and raised a new species (a brood)

the pyramids seen from the satellites (feet with),
without all the cannibals constantly feeding
soon would reduce to jungle, but BRUCE
built a new business (company): tours

is lying unconscious the amazon reaching
(having had) for the BROCOLLI CORKED,
BEEF STEW and DARWIN OF BEANS had him forked

BROCOLLI RAAB died like a donkey,
if donkeys are stabbed through the face on the top of
a pyramid in the amazon built by
cannibals gauchos beheaded by (killed by)

fifty-two bot flies (the size of a sheep)
in shipping containers and would get away if
(have, with it) sudden appearance TONES, CREME

DARWIN CREME TONES had to the amazon flown,
and found in a pool of DARWIN HER DODE,
dad, though deceased, with the RIO POLICE
recovered the bot flies for study (and eating)