132. undivided, his spread had spread

hare and bubble, india is

added to the preening list

as a gel for fussy geese,

it’s what gives that special sheen

mallards (or just ducks, instead),

worry more how much you spend,

for a price, a bespoke brand

from a shop in brooklyn

the beasts and fish, insufferably,

use naught all to keep them clean,

rely upon a roll in dirt,

or some water does the trick

all of this, beside the point,

hare and bubble, india won’t

figure much into this wheeze

but for a peculiar geese

ronald ran was standing still,

preening (as discussed they will),

when he had a bolt of lightning —

really, one full-on striked him

lightning comes in many forms,

there’s the soft one, fuzzy, warm,

and the spiky, and the dagger,

this one here, was the jack-hammer

ronald ran was up and ended,

split in two, put back together,

when his molecules re-meshed,

he’d become a geese, but with

with is, well, it’s wide-open,

and ronald ran with all of it,

a boing, a bear, a cold canoe,

a grape, a weed, even a goose

all of this ronald became,

at least, if not, if in his brain,

and, he thought, what could he do

to allow the others to

so he gathered some rain drops,

sent them back to sky such that

they’d create another storm,

and the lightning would return

then he set a long steel rod,

collected lightnings in a jar,

sold them on for a small fee,

for the geese to use to preen

not a rabbut...

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ryan onstott

ryan onstott

not a rabbut...

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