129. a fruited, a low-throated ben

sadly, wrote jehovah’s fred,

unfaded, and un-beholded,

once i wake, it will have won’ted,

a desperate, global, ever don’ter

jehovah has double bedevils,

a tapir and a tumbridge wells,

each exactly minus where it

balances the holy spirit

fred’s entire existence is

to affirm the jesuses,

for, of course, are hundreds of,

thousands in the amazon

tumbridge, well, is just the one,

which is helpful if because,

what with all the tapirs roaming,

there’s some trouble in controlling

in the midst of mostly are

yaweh as the single charge

which unsticks the neutral state

(he is, so, a constant rate)

tapir, tim, and tumbridge wells,

turn about an axis, then,

which, if you include the spin,

calculates the wave-function

tim (or yahweh) runs between

time and probability,

plus or minus all the pigs,

isn’t much (or anything)

fred’s purpose (outside of it)

is in the observing it,

the only problem is just this —

once he does, it disappears



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